Pickhandle-Mary Malted Oats Stout

 'Pickhandle-Mary Malted Oats Stout' is named after Mary Fitzgerald, the typist turned trade-unionist, whom according to one legend, and Hermann Charles Bosman, would address rallies armed with the handle of a pick-axe.
Its' recipe is loosely based on the grain-bill of Maclays Malted Oats Stout.
The oats are malted in the Jolly Red Kitchen, and I use local hops hybrids and malt to complete grain bill and all the speciality malts are also finished by hand.

'Pickhandle-Mary' is an earthy, toffee coloured stout with a robust mouth-feel typical of oats stouts. It goes down sweet and smooth and leaves a slight hint of Gin & Tonic on the tongue.
The first bottle of 'Pickhandle-Mary' was opened on June 16. A fitting day for it's revolutionary connotations...

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