About Jolly Red...

Jolly Red Brewery takes its' name from the original pirate flag.
Before the skull and crossbones, pirates flew an all-red flag, the 'joli rouge'. This signaled that the ship would fight to the death; with no quarter given, nor expected.

And what does that have to do with beer? Absolutely nothing really!

I operate a small scale, home-brewery from the Jolly Red kitchen, with the intention of expanding to a micro-brewery/brewers-pub, all in good time.

I currently have two regular beers that I bottle:
'Snor-City Bitter Bier' which is a bitter ale, named after Johannes Kerkorrel's reference to Pretoria and 'Pickhandle Mary - Malted Oats Stout', named after Mary Fitzgerald the typist turned trade-unionist, who according to legend, would address rallies armed with the handle of a pick axe.

Mark Stoltz at Jolly Red Brewery

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