Pickhandle-Mary Malted Oats Stout

 'Pickhandle-Mary Malted Oats Stout' is named after Mary Fitzgerald, the typist turned trade-unionist, whom according to one legend, and Hermann Charles Bosman, would address rallies armed with the handle of a pick-axe.
Its' recipe is loosely based on the grain-bill of Maclays Malted Oats Stout.
The oats are malted in the Jolly Red Kitchen, and I use local hops hybrids and malt to complete grain bill and all the speciality malts are also finished by hand.

'Pickhandle-Mary' is an earthy, toffee coloured stout with a robust mouth-feel typical of oats stouts. It goes down sweet and smooth and leaves a slight hint of Gin & Tonic on the tongue.
The first bottle of 'Pickhandle-Mary' was opened on June 16. A fitting day for it's revolutionary connotations...


  1. Pickhandle Mary is my great grandmother. Do you have any further information on her in regards to Malted Oats Stout

  2. My brother in Law was a grand son of Mary Sinnot and I am in the prcess of compiling the family tree. I recently obtained a copy of her birth certificate in Ireland and am now trying to find a copy of her marriage record to John Brick Fitzgerald at St Mary's cathederal in Cape Town. Would you be able to assist.